Friday, October 2, 2009


Mitsubishi is a Japanese company, founded in 1870 dedicated to the Automotive, mining, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, electronic, shipyard, oil, gas, construction, aviation, and employs 350,000 people.

 Here on the blog we are only interested in the cars, which we left some nice pictures.
Mitsubishi Lancer 
Mitsubishi Eclipse 

Mitsubishi wallpaper.

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Aquarian said...

Mitsibushi Evo X, an Excellent car in both looks & Performance.

It would be nice if you add some details as well.

Any way nice.

I own an very old Mitsubishi said...

My favorites Mitsubishi are: Mitsubishi Eclipse spyder; Mitsubishi evo x black, Mitsubishi lancer evolution. I agree that more details about this Mitsubishi cars were welcome.

Paul said...

I prefer Mitsibushi Evo X

Peter said...

s from public knowledge that Mitsubishi is one of most beautiful cars in this planet and not only is pretty also is fast, easy to modified, economically is cheap, comfortable, with a large interior space.