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Toyota Supra
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Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra

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Toyota Supra is a sports car from Toyota, Toyota Supra as aggressive lines and a negative airfoil to generate lift and provide more sportiness to the design of the car.
Toyota Supra ia a modern Japanese car equipped with great technology, Toyota Supra has traction control and an excellent braking capacity.
The car came in 1979 with based development platform of the Toyota Celica, but with some characteristics and which would later be responsible for the success that the Toyota supra car has reached. The first differences were noted in that size because the Toyota Supra was longer and wider than the Toyota Celica. Toyota Supra mechanically received four-wheel independent suspension and disc brake also in four.
However, the most striking change from the Toyota Celica platform was adopted because of the Toyota Supra engine, a 6-cylinder and 2.6-liter engine that was the first Toyota to receive electronic fuel injection (we're talking 1979 !!!), developed especially forT oyota Supra and received the designation 4ME.
This first Toyota Supra generation was known as MA46 or Mark I. In 1981, still in its first generation, a new 2.8-liter SOHC engine started to equip the Toyota Supra car, starting a process that would be born to second generation of Toyota Supra.
In 1982 Toyota launched its second generation of Toyota Supra known as the Toyota Supra Mark II, still under the MA61 Toyota Celica Supra name, but with a lot of buzz that only later came to incorporate the Toyota Celica as the hidden headlamps and the wing incorporated into the body, such as new six-cylinder engine and also 2.8 liters, but with dual overhead cams (DOHC) and that developed 145 horsepower, enough already to make Toyota Supra accelerate to 100km / h in under 8.5 seconds and overcome the barrier of 200 km / h. One year after the launch of this generation, Toyota Supra engine will get some more changes, arriving at 150 horses.
The third generation Toyota Supra (Mark III) comes in 1986 and is the one that became famous for inaugurating a new phase of the Toyota Supra which had recently surpassed 20 million units! The name Toyota Celica supra goes away and the car gains full independence from its platform.
New work on the car's design leaves Toyota Supra more modern and robust, yet keeping the retractable headlights, but with new aerodynamic parts. Toyota Supra mechanical innovations are due to the new engine 7M-GE 3.0-liter 200 horsepower than a year later (1987) Toyota Supra was the first car company to have a turbo (7M-GTE called), responsible for 233 horses.
But the "joke" did not stop there, making the watchword in the Toyota is set to "performance", so that in 1987 Toyota Supra will be your first vehicle to be equipped with ABS. In 1990 more changes in Toyota Supra and another new engine (1JZ-GTE) 6-cylinder, 2.5-liter biturbo this time, generating 280 horsepower and it would bring the Toyota Supra to 250 km / h electronic speed limiter.
But it was only in 1993 that the fourth and final generation Toyota Supra (Mark IV) was released. With this technology more and more news for daring passionate car. This time two engine options, one 6-cylinder engine (2JZ-GE), 24-valve 3.0-liter with dual overhead cams with variable valve opening, accounting for 223 horsepower, and other (2JZ-GTE) with the same characteristics but with twin turbos that sequenced yielded 324 horsepower.
Toyota Supra came equipped with manual transmission 6-speed Getrag, the Toyota Supraa biturbo exported to countries that do not need the electronic speed limiter, reaches 285 km / h (with the electronic limiter reaches 250 km / h) and accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 4.6 seconds. But in several European countries and even in the U.S. - a big market for Toyota Supra - the regulations of emissions, imposed restrictions on the car as he and some of its competitors, making their sales in 1999 were closed.
Currently only some countries in Oceania and Japan itself can have the privilege of buying a Toyota Supra Zero Km There are threeToyota Supra models in the Japanese market that differ primarily in terms of accessories and has reduced its power to 280 horses per internal regulations. The Toyota Supra export version with 324 horses remains responsible for making this machine, an object of desire of car fans.